I think I’ve accidentally made a sensual video for Sunday’s film journal entry? I recorded myself waking up, rolling my wrists, and then proceeding with crawling my fingers over my partner’s shoulder. The backlight from the window drew my eye and I wanted to capture it (plus avoid grainy, noisy footage.)

film journal Observations

On the Canon EOS R5

  • MF peaking settings are not available when zebra settings are enabled
  • I can go around these limitations by using the SmallHD 502 Bright.
  • There is a custom setting that changes the RF lens MF Focus ring sensitivity. By default it’s set to Varies with rotation speed, I changed mine to Linked to rotation degree. The latter option provides me with a more manual-like tactile feel.

On the Canon RF 35mm F 1.8 IS

  • The camera will go to the extremes to hunt for focus in low light conditions on the RF 35mm F1.8 IS. It jumps from its minimum focal distance, 0.17m (0.56ft / 6.7in), to infinity.
  • The lens has a long throw when it comes to manual focusing.
  • Bokeh is delicious.

Gear Used:


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