There’s a subtle beauty in watching my roommate’s flowers deteriorate. I wanted to play with composition in today’s film journal entry, but I got distracted and this rolled into a continuation of where’s my package? I ordered my package back in October 2020 and it’s currently lost in the pandemic ether.

Documenting myself constantly being defeated by the delays helps me cope. The contents of the packages got pushed back multiple times due to forces beyond my control. First, working conditions have tightened up in California. Folks are trying their best to keep business going while following safety protocols. Then, we had a wildfire season. Followed by more Covid-19. And then an election debacle, which rolled right into overloading all the delivery and postal workers with holiday shipping. Oh holidays, social distancing became more casual –Covid numbers jumped up again.

It’s okay, I still have hope that one day my package will come.

film journal Observations

On Editing

  • I need a faster computer (currently on a 13″ MacBook Pro 2017.)
  • I want to approach color grading with same intent and precision as I do with my photography, however film is a beast. It requires so much more computer resources.

What I Need to Learn Next:

  • An editing workflow that would allot the time needed to transcode the footage into proxies for easy review.
  • Find a way to color grade without waiting for the computer to render.
  • Understand color profiles on my camera, my monitor, and within the timeline on Final Cut Pro.
  • How to use my SmallHD 502 Bright

Gear Used:


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