Not A Starving Artist

Hi I'm Melly Lee. This is my personal blog to hold myself accountable in becoming a stronger visual artist + to prove to my friends back home that I haven't died yet.


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Peter Chao - Recap!

I remember stumbling upon Peter Chao's “CHINESE GUY HATES <insert blank>” videos in college and found them very amusing. Little did I know that a couple years later I'd be scurrying throughout the night hunting down hundreds of red envelops and cup noodles for him.   

Since Peter was in town for VidCon he kindly agreed to let the NMR team do a feature on him for the site. AKA I had one night to prep and get ready to shoot. Peter wanted to do something super Asian. Somehow that made me think of the iconic “American Beauty,” but with Lunar New Year’s envelopes instead of roses. And somehow that lead to a room full of cup noodles, deadly feather dusters, and some old man statues. 

Dear subconscious, where are you taking me? 

Check out the rest of the set over here at NewMediaRockstars.

Behind the Scenes with Marié Digby

I spent last Friday running around downtown LA with Marié Digby and the NMR crew. 

Check the rest of the behind the scenes here.

I almost dropped my cameras at 7:11 :X 


Behind the scenes with our feature with Webby Award Winning Host Sonia Gil of Sonia’s Travels

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