Ahhh here comes a rant!!!

As a kid and as a young adult I related to the lyrics of this song. I wasn’t born into a particular special situation. My family wasn’t poor and they weren’t rich. Just your normal standard American middle class family doing whatever it took to make the best of things. 

That’s how everything in my life seemed. Normal. I was never deemed “special.” My younger brother had that title. And with that title he garnered all the attention and resources. Not that I was left with nothing, but the situation did empower me to work and strive to achieve success in different categories of daily life. Success such as successful relationships, grades, schools, sports, career, etc.

Looking back I’m very thankful that nothing was ever handed to me. As a young adult it’s not engrained in me to push on no matter what. If you really want something you have to work hard, fail several times, and then you might be successful. 

And now ranting! It itches me greatly when others aren’t willing to work. Especially those that rely on superficial elements to advance in life. Those that are needy, that need to be coddled, that are afraid to put a little bit of elbow grease in life. If this was a black and white world I’d sentence these kinds of people out of my life, but the world isn’t like that so I must find a way to properly communicate with them. I do frown deeply when simple things like meeting at a particular location at a particular time are disregarded because of inconvenience. Is there a proper way to define a way to mutual respect one another if the other party is, for lack of words, afraid to work? And by work I mean to sacrifice your needs for the greater good of a project or team and to pour hours of effort, physical labor, emotional/mental commitment. A lot of individuals claim to be willing to “work hard,” but do they really have what it takes to go the distance? Superficial things can only take you so far. Your looks will fade, your money will run out, and eventually your selfish relationships will leave. It’s a thorn in my side when people won’t sacrifice for other nor show compassionate and empathy. You sacrifice for others because you care. You care because you’re a respectful person that believes that all humans deserve to be treated equal. It’s frustrating dealing with the people that expect you to bow down before them, but I’m determined to lead by example and find a way to properly communicate with these individuals. You will respect me and my time. And maybe I can help you become a better member of society.

I might come off as a pessimist, but I don’t believe that everyone is made to have their dreams come true. That’s reality. I do believe that we as dreamers have the power to guide our destiny towards our dreams. That’s also a reality. It’s a matter of how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice and let go.