Not A Starving Artist

Hi I'm Melly Lee. This is my personal blog to hold myself accountable in becoming a stronger visual artist + to prove to my friends back home that I haven't died yet.


“ So here’s my advice: Study broadly and without fear. Learn a language if you can, because that will make your life more interesting. Read a little bit every day. But more importantly, surround yourself with people who you like and make cool stuff with them. In the end, what you do isn’t going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with. ”

—    John Green  (via electric-wish)

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Currently delving into the Green Lantern

Teriyaki Chicken Salad!

I binged on delicious carbs from 85c Bakery earlier today. Guess that means a lean salad for dinner.


7 Ways to Reach Your Goals & Not Give Up

This can apply to fitness, health, work or just life in general.

  1. Take a Shot - Nothing tried, nothing done. Every day holds a new opportunity.
  2. Be Realistic - If you set unrealistic goals for yourself, you may be setting yourself up for failure.
  3. Stay Strong -  Stick with it. It will get better.
  4. Keep on Target - If you don’t see a change, try a new approach.
  5. Persist - No one said it was going to be easy. Keep going.
  6. Don’t Doubt - It will be worth it.
  7. Push Yourself - Don’t give up. You’re almost there.

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“ In the brightest day.
In the blackest night.
No evil shall escape our sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might.
Beware our power.
Green lantern’s light. ”


I was getting bored of oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, I started making chia seed protein pudding!

You mix your protein powder with water so that it’s all dissolved. Then pour into a bowl of chia seeds. Then refrigerate.

It’s nice knowing that I’m kicks targeting the day with a good chunk of my needed fiber and omega-3 in one meal.

French Toast!

I made breakfast for dinner :) I love French toast, but the normal way of preparing it doesn’t complement my fitness goals. So I made it fit my macros!

Side note: I don’t really measure out my veggies. I figure since they’re already so low in calories I don’t need to bother.

9:46PM - Taking Back Control

Between my artist hustle and photo shoots, I’ve been picking up multiple side hobbies. —and of course I’d love to share them with the internet world! 

However it’s funny how the internet created a personal brand for essentially everyone and anyone. All of a sudden certain expectation arise from followers. And then the number of said followers disconcertingly assumes a certain worth or value. I’m speaking of course about followers/subscribers for blogs and various social media platforms. Given that a good portion of my business relies of social media for promotion and marketing it doesn’t make sense for me to showcase content that isn’t photography related. 

Thus, I’m taking back control over this blog! Not A Starving Artist started off as a place for me to keep my friends back home updated with how I was doing as a growing artist. Directly indicating that my occupational pursuits have not caused me to starve to death yet. Randomly one of my posts went viral  and shot this tumblr following from 6 to over 1,000 in one night. Given my experience as an entrepreneur and social media strategist I understood the types of individuals from the overnight wave and began consistently pumping out content that would cater to their liking. Funny how things work out once things get popular. Everything feels to contrived. 

So starting today, this again will be my personal blog outlet thing-a-ma-bobber. My following here will probably drop, oh well. However if you’d like to stay and tag along my ride then I welcome you with open arms :) 

You’re probably going to see my attempts at cooking, my attempts at calligraphy, my attempts at fitness, just me exploring different interests. 

Wow, this was a long post just to say that I’m turning this into a personal blog again. Lol.